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how to find a good job coach?

a good coach

Anyone can call themselves a coach, and there are new coaches every day. It is a big deal to talk about your life with a stranger, so it is very important to find a good coach.


In essence, finding a good job coach is not so different from finding a good plumber or a good violin teacher. You ask around, you look at the website. Does the tone appeal to you? Do they have good training? Are they accredited by a professional organisation? Are they specialised in the area you are looking for?


But far more important than training and accreditation is how a coach works with you. Good coaching can be a turning point in your life. To achieve this, a coach must help you set clear goals, listen very attentively, ask questions that make you think in a new way, confront you and teach you new things. Only then a new world will open up for you.


So make an appointment with the coach that seems suitable, see who you have in front of you and what his or her approach is. Normally the first meeting is free, because this is essential to decide whether you can work well together. See if there is a click. Ask questions. And start your new life.


I am a psychologist, accredited by the ICF and I have taught at Animas Centre for Coaching. Check out my website, or schedule a free coaching consultation.


how does a good coach work?

setting clear goals

In a good coaching programme, client and coach set clear goals together, so that you know exactly what you are working on and where you are going.

working on different levels

A good coach helps you with more than finding practical solutions, because it is at least as important to find out what is happening deep inside. For example, why didn't you take steps much earlier? Why is it difficult to think of what you want? By working harmoniously on a practical level, a psychological level and an existential level, you no longer work against yourself. Things will start to happen that you had not thought possible.


How you come across in the coaching sessions says something about what happens in the real world. A good coach tells you what he or she sees happening, in such a way that you can be more effective in your life.

helping you to explore

Nothing is as frustrating as a coach who draws conclusions you think are not true or you can't work with. So a good coach helps you to find out yourself what works for you and in your situation.

asking powerful questions

Asking powerful questions at the right moment is perhaps the most important tool of a good coach. A powerful question can make you think about something you had never thought about before. The new insights you gain can be invaluable. 


A good coach listens attentively and gives you all the space you need to talk. It can be a great relief to be able to talk freely and without interruption about what is on your mind - in normal life this is not always possible. Talking is a great way to bring structure to your thoughts and is very different from the thinking in circles you do in your head.

learning new things

For example, you can discuss how to conduct a difficult conversation or how to write a good CV.

and much more

This is, of course, just a few of the tools of the good coach.

a good coach

As a coach, I help people who are unhappy at work. I am a psychologist, accredited by the ICF and I have taught at Animas Centre for Coaching. Check out my website or schedule a free coaching consultation.