Unhappy at work

Research shows that 60-80% of people are unhappy in their jobs. So if you're not happy at work, you're not the only one, but that doesn't mean your situation is easy.


People who are unhappy at work often feel stressed and exhausted, they suffer from negative thoughts, and they lash out at their family and friends. If you are unhappy at work, it is very difficult to be happy in your life.


There can be many causes: a high workload, a bad manager, a toxic environment or maybe you miss a sense of purpose.


Fortunately, coaching can help a lot.


bad manager

Your manager has a great influence on what you do and what position you have in the team. A bad manager can make your working life very difficult. There are many types of bad managers, and you should approach each of them differently. Read more about bad managers.

excessive workload

With an excessive workload, you're wreaking havoc on your mind and your body. In many jobs the workload is a given, but it makes a big difference how you handle it.

feeling insecure

More people than you think, feel insecure at work or suffer from imposter syndrome. "Am I good enough?" This is not just very unpleasant, often this affects your work performance. There are many ways to deal with this feeling of insecurity better.

strong emotions

Many people have intense emotions at work and about their work: fear, anger, sadness. This can be very overwhelming and it can seriously affect your performance. You can learn how to deal with these emotions better by approaching them at different levels.

no sense of purpose

You no longer fully understand the meaning of your work. What are you doing it all for? By looking at your work differently, you can often rediscover your sense of purpose. If you know what is important to you, there are also ways to gradually adapt your job.

toxic environment

It's really hard to be happy at work when there's a bad atmosphere: colleagues being pushy, a culture of fear, way too much work. Even under these circumstances there are ways to cope better.


Almost everyone ruminates, but it is tiring, unpleasant and can keep you from sleeping. Thinking the same thing over and over again is not a productive way to deal with a difficult situation. Fortunately there are some approaches that really help.

and much more

There are many other causes for unhappiness at work. The good news is that usually there is a lot you can do.

you can do something about it

Coaching can be very helpful if you are unhappy at work. It can even be a turning point in your life. You can read more about coaching or schedule a free coaching consultation.