#11 - I struggle with myself

Almost all clients struggle with some trait they have. And that’s not surprising, because in many cases the same trait can play out in a positive or negative way, depending on the circumstances. If you’re really precise, you might do a good job and make very little mistakes. But it could also make you really scared of deadlines, because handing in your work means you can no longer check and fix mistakes.

We all have traits that from time to time really bother us - or the people around us. They can create anxiety, fights, you name it.

So what should we do? Try and change ourselves? Suppress these parts in ourselves?

Do you know what happens with couples who try to change each other all the time? Well, something similar will happen when we’ll try to change ourselves. The internal struggle will actually make things worse, and the part we’re trying to change will need to shout louder in order to be heard.

In coaching we’ll try to understand what is the mechanism behind the part that is bothering you. Maybe it’s trying to protect you from something? From the embarrassment of making mistakes, for example? So what does that fear look like? What would actually happen if you made a mistake? And is it indeed worse than not making your deadline?

We’ll also see how you can work together with this part of you. When is an appropriate time for it to be active, and when is it better for it to step back?

When we make peace with this part that bothers us, it will not just save us the fight, but it will also become much easier to handle situations in which this part used to play up.

Learning to deal with difficult parts of ourselves can make your life a lot better, but it’s not something you can learn from a blog. Coaching very often is life changing. Why not book a free taster session on my homepage.

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