#7 - I walk away from difficult decisions

Even while writing this post I stood up a few times to walk away, literally. It’s OK, I still managed to do it. But what happens if we walk away from more important things in our lives?

I see clients struggle with this all the time. Well, and I do it myself, sometimes. Not taking a difficult decision, not doing difficult things is because we want to avoid uncertainty, the unknown, pain. It seems like that works, but in the long run actually walking away is also of course very uncomfortable and might work against reaching our goals.

So how will we work with this in coaching sessions?

First of all we want to find out some more about what is going on. Why is the task, the decision so difficult? Why is it important? What happens, when you think about it? By talking about it, by getting questions that challenge you, you might do some important discoveries.

The next step is to consider what the costs are of procrastinating your decision. And why it is actually attractive not to make the decision?

By doing all of this, you’ll be a lot closer to actually taking steps. And maybe the decision is that it’s better not to take a step. No longer having doubts can be such a relief.

If it is time for next step we can discuss how to approach it and make a plan. You might step into new and exciting worlds!

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