#2 I’m so afraid/sad/angry…

As a coach I see a lot of the struggles and pain my clients deal with at work. A very common problem is that people suffer from very strong emotions. They wake up in the middle of the night, feeling really scared about next steps in their lives. They cry several times a week over problems at work. After a conversation with their difficult boss the rage just doesn’t go away.

Such strong emotions are really hard and overwhelming. But they are also a very normal part of life. Not everybody knows that, and this insight can be a big relief: nothing is wrong with you.

In the coaching sessions we will investigate your emotions. Where do they come from? When do you feel them most? Where do you feel them in your body? By understanding them better, they become easier to deal with. Maybe you will discover that those emotions are there to tell you something.

We all try to fight difficult emotions - they are very unpleasant after all. But fighting them won’t make them go away. Quite the contrary, the constant fighting is very tiring and the emotions want to be heard, so they tend to shout louder if we don’t listen. So the best thing we can do is just to let them be.

Learning how to deal with emotions is essential in life, but this can be very difficult to do by yourself. Why not have look at my homepage and book a free coaching consultation?

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