#10 - I don't get challenged

I have several clients right now who dread going to work in the morning because what they do isn’t challenging in any way. They have been doing exactly the same thing for a few years now and they feel completely stuck.

What can you do when you’re no longer challenged by your work?

It’s best to start at a practical level. Is there a way you could change your job? Jobs have a way of getting shaped around the person who does them. If you’re good at some aspect of your work, similar work might come your way, while things you’re not so good at tend to go to someone else. This is called job shaping. You could take a more active role in it and go hunt for tasks that would make your job more challenging. Maybe there are also interesting side jobs to do?

You could also talk to your manager. In these times where staff is so hard to find, it’s very much in his interest to keep you happy.

Then there is the psychological level to work on. Are there ways we can find more challenge in the work we’re doing? Are there other ways to look at our situation? Could a job that is not so challenging be a good way to earn money to provide us an interesting life outside of work? You’ll be surprised how thinking differently can change your perspective and your life.

Being bored at work can make you seriously unhappy, both at work and in your private life. You won’t solve it by reading a blog. Coaching usually is a big turning point in your life. Why not have a look at my homepage and book a free discovery session?

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