#9 - I don't get recognition

Many of my clients feel that they don’t get enough recognition at work. We have all experienced it: we made an extra effort, maybe even extra hours, did an excellent job and nobody seemed to notice it, least of all our manager. It is so frustrating when this happens. We ask ourselves why we even bothered to go the extra mile.

It’s a tricky one, this feeling of lack of recognition. It can have many causes, so we need to ask ourselves many of questions in order to understand what’s going on. The most important one is: is it us or is it them?

If it’s the manager (or someone else), we need to realise that it’s not easy for her to get this right. If she gives too many compliments it becomes mechanic, if she doesn’t give enough compliments we get frustrated. I know it’s not an excuse, but managers tend to have a lot on their plate and might not always be able to focus on what we are doing.

Maybe our manager wants to tell us something? Maybe she is not as pleased with the job as we are? Yet another possibility is that our manager lacks empathy or has difficulty giving praise. It’s really difficult to work for such a manager, but there are ways to learn to cope.

The bravest option is to look at ourselves. Why do we need recognition from our manager? Isn’t it enough that we are happy ourselves about the job we’ve done? If we manage to adopt a way to find the recognition in ourselves, life gets a lot easier.

A lack of recognition can seriously impact your work satisfaction. A blog like this won’t solve it. Coaching on the other hand, very often is a turning point in your life. Why not have a look at my homepage and book a free taster session?

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