#8 - My workplace doesn’t share my values

Values are principles that are really important to you, like creativity, honesty or kindness. They’re at the very core of who you are and they’re relatively stable throughout your life.

Workplaces also have values. When they are very different from yours, that can create a lot of tension. If you work for a company that does a lot of insincere marketing, while authenticity is one of your core values, it will feel like you are waisting your time working for them.

If you feel there is friction with values the first step is to get more clarity about what is going on. Do you know what your values are exactly? To find out, have a look at the values list on parquicoaching.com/values. Pick ten that are important to you. From these ten pick the ones that are most important. Then chose one that is at your very core.

Now if those values clash with those of your workplace, what can you do?

Values are at the very centre of who we are, so a conflict of values will take a big toll on our work happiness, and might eventually be a reason to look for a job that is more aligned with what we find important. Imagine how it feels to work in a place that you really believe in!

There are also ways to live according to your values in a company that has different ideas. The key here is to be very conscious of what is going on and of your own attitude within that environment. While the marketing might be insincere, you still could be authentic with your team. If innovation is important for you and the people around you are very conservative, you might still be able to be innovative in your own work. Living according to your values in this way can be a big relief and help you make peace with your job again.

Values are by definition fundamental in life. You won’t solve a values clash by reading a blog. Coaching usually is a big turning point in your life. Why not book a discovery session on my homepage?

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