#1 - I don't feel fulfilled at work

As a coach I get to see a lot of the struggles and pain my clients deal with at work. One of the most common problems is that people no longer feel fulfilled at work. What is my purpose? What do I really want? This can create a lot of stress and anxiety.

Clients tell me they’re looking for something new. I can help with that, but let’s first find out if something else is going on.

Sometimes, when you have been in a job for a while, you lose perspective a little. Maybe you no longer see the point, or maybe the point is somewhere else, where you weren’t looking for it. This might require some inner digging. How else might you look at your job? You might be surprised by what you find, deep down there.

If you have lost your sense of fulfilment at work, it might helpful to look at your values. Values represent the way that we want to be in the world. Not living by your values can really make you unsatisfied. You can find a list of values at parquicoaching.com/values. Try picking the three that are most important to you and sprinkle them throughout your working day. Even if you have lost any sense of purpose, this will really help.

And maybe it is actually time for a new job or even something completely different. In order to find a new direction, we need to start from scratch. Using in-depth interviews we can look at working life with a fresh mindset. We start by dreaming and exploring and then slowly take reality into account. There might be many more possibilities than you think.

If you don't feel fulfilled at work, these steps can be life changing, but they are very difficult to do by yourself. Why not have look at en.parquicoaching.com and book a free coaching consultation?

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