#12 - now what?

During the coaching sessions, my clients, almost without exception, make important discoveries.

They finally make a decision that they want to stay in their current job, and this nagging doubt stops. They understand that it’s normal to feel uncertain about their achievements, and that they’re actually do a good job. They suddenly realise that their difficult boss is really not so important in their lives.

These discoveries are very valuable in themselves. But you know what the funny thing is? Very often, when clients overcome the thing that has bothering them so much, other things start to happen as well, like there is finally space for next steps. Their boss gives them a new assignment that is much more interesting. They decide to start working a day less and have more time for their family, or to start their own company. Someone calls them with an irresistable job offer.

To both client and coach these things look like magic. Is it coincidence? Synchronisity? Maybe. But overcoming the problems you have right now definitely helps. You are more open to opportunities and you have a better idea of where you want to go. Take small steps, reach for the stars! Coaching is such an amazing tool for that, and every session I’m so grateful witnessing that amazing process in my clients.

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