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Coaching for Expats
in English

coaching for expats in english

Research shows that expats have a 50% to 75% higher chance of psychological problems.


At work, also as an expat, you may have to deal with bad managers, with high work pressure, you may feel very insecure, in short, you may not be happy at work, just like the Dutch.


If you are unhappy at work, it is very difficult to be happy in your life. You have a bad mood, you worry, you sleep badly, and you lash out at your family and friends.


But as an expat, you also have very specific problems: there are cultural differences, you don't have a support network, so you can feel lonely. You don't know how things work and you don't speak Dutch very well, if at all.


Fortunately, coaching in English can be very helpful if you are, as an expat, unhappy at work.


problems of expats

no support network

As an expat, you usually have a small support network. Of course, you have your friends and family in your own country, but despite Skype and FaceTime, they are far away. In the Netherlands, it is difficult to make new friends. It can make you feel lonely and it is difficult to discuss your work problems with someone.

a different system

Things work differently in the Netherlands than they do in your own country. The rules and laws are different. This makes it more difficult to arrange things, from finances to healthcare. You are also at a disadvantage at work because you do not always know how things work.

cultural differences

Cultural differences can be bigger than you think. How you behave in certain situations influences all the details of your working life. Even if you understand the differences, it is still very difficult to adapt to them. Can you be as direct as the Dutch? How do you deal with the Dutch habit of being less hierarchical and instead consulting all the time?

the language barrier

Maybe you don't speak Dutch very well or you don't speak it at all. In any case, as an expat, Dutch will never become your mother tongue. Even if the Dutch speak English well, it will still make communication more difficult. 

you can do something about it

Fortunately, coaching for expats can be very helpful. It can even be a turning point in your life. You can read more about coaching in English, or schedule an appointment for an introductory meeting.

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