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what does coaching with me look like?

1.coaching consultation

In this free 30 minute coaching consultation we will see if we are a good fit. I will walk you through what you can expect and I will answer any questions you might have.

2.planning session

In this 60 minute planning session we will spend a bit longer to really get to know each other. We will explore your dreams and your obstacles. We will set your goals and design how we will work together.

3.three months of coaching

During three months we will work together towards your outcomes. We will meet twice every month for 60 minutes and discuss what is going on with you, find clarity about your purpose and direction, explore and examine ideas and strategies. I will challenge you, encourage you and guide you. At the end of this period we will evaluate. Many clients are so happy with the coaching that they decide to continue working with me.

online coaching

I only do online coaching through Zoom. This is not only because it's practical. I find that clients are most comfortable in their own space, at home or in their office. This is really helpful for the intimate atmosphere we need for coaching.

stay in touch

Between sessions you can check in with me using Whatsapp. Clients often say that this is in itself priceless.

your investment

The price for this package of a 60 minute planning session and five 60 minute coaching sessions is € 499 (0% VAT) via Zoom.​

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