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about me

A strong theoretical background, many years of work experience and excellent coaching skills

From a young age, I asked myself questions about life. What is a good life? And why?


As an ambitious student, I studied two main subjects. Psychology, because that is where research of these types of questions is done, and Italian, because in the cheerful enthusiasm of this country surely some answers were to be found. 


I started working in publishing. I published a lot of beautiful books and software and I led a team. In more than 25 years I have experienced the stress and the challenges, the highs and the lows that working life will bring you. More and more I asked myself questions about it. I decided to go back to my psychology background and trained to be a coach.


In my coaching practice 'Parqui Coaching' I have helped many people to find happiness at work. My background in psychology gives me a strong theoretical basis. With my years of office experience I know all about the dynamics of the working place. The amazing people of Animas Centre for Coaching in London have taught me how to coach effectively and in-depth. Now I work as a trainer for Animas and teach people how to be good coaches.

It is essential for me to continuously expand my skills as coach. This is why I have supervision. On top of that I spend at least 10% of my earnings on training.

It is my mission to help people find happiness at work again

Research shows that between 60% to 80% of the people suffer at work. If you are not happy in your job, it is really difficult to be happy in your life. You spend many, many hours at work and also at home negative thoughts won't stop when things are bad. I find it heartbreaking to see how people continue to struggle, while from my own experience I know that work can be the place where you can express who you are, where you can make the world little better, and where you can have so much fun.

My name is Jaap Parqui and it's my mission to take people who are unhappy at work to find focus, fulfilment and freedom.


ICF certified (ACC)

Everyone can call themselves job coach. That's why I find it very important to be accredited by the ICF, the leading professional body and meet their strict requirements.

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MA in Psychology at the University of Leiden

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Diploma in Transformational Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching

Jaap helped me tremendously during a turbulent time at my work. i can highly recommend a coaching program with jaap
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