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Unhappy at work abroad? Here is how job coaching can help

Are you an expat and feeling unhappy at work? Research shows that 60 to 80 per cent of people feel unhappy at work. But as an expat you might find extra challenges, from cultural differences to language barriers. Fortunately, job coaching can help making a big shift, either in your current job, or in finding a complete new direction.

A different cultural environment

Cultural differences can be bigger than you think and create a lot of misunderstandings, tension, and feelings of uncertainty. Even if you understand these differences, it is still very difficult to adapt to them. Can you be as direct as the Dutch? How do you deal with the Dutch habit of being less hierarchical and instead consulting all the time?

The language barrier

Dutch will never become your mother tongue. Even if the Dutch speak English well, it will still make communication more difficult. This can become a real challenge in both your personal life or your professional life.

No support network

As an expat, you usually have a small support network. Of course, you have your friends and family in your own country, but despite Skype and FaceTime, they are far away. In the Netherlands, it is difficult to make new friends. Expat life can make you feel lonely and it is difficult to discuss your work problems with someone.

A different system

Things work differently in the Netherlands than you are used to. The rules and laws are different. This makes it more difficult to arrange things, from finances to healthcare. This also puts you at a disadvantage at work.

How career coaching can help

For problems at work - difficult managers, not enough challenge, lack of career opportunities - and problems specific to expat life - Dutch culture, limited number of jobs in English so less job opportunities - there are no standard solutions. There is no recipe that you can follow.

We need to dig deeper what is going on for you and in your situation. Instead of thinking in circles - like most of us do - a good life coach will ask you questions that will make you think in new directions. Chances are that, during the coaching process, you'll have a big insight and start looking at the situation in a very different way. And maybe, because of that, you'll set new career goals or start looking for your dream job. Or you realise how lucky you really are in your current job.

Good coaching for expats

Many people can call themselves life coach and many people do. Starting life coaching is an important step in your life, so look for someone with good credentials, like a background in psychology, good coaching training, accreditation by the International Coaching Federation, and good reviews.

Does this sound interesting to you? Have a look at my homepage, or book a free coaching consultation.


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